About me


It’s meeee

Well, hello lovely people.

My name is Ashley, I’m a Scottish lifestyle blogger, based in the beautiful capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

What would Ruby Woo combines some of my absolute favourite things in there world. My ever-growing love for Edinburgh, my crazy obsession with travel and exploring new places and writing. Writing down all my crazy wonderful and weird life stories.

Often, I find it difficult to explain exactly how I’m feeling or articulate through conversation. For me, writing has always been my passion and something that makes me feel absurdly happy. This blog was created out of my love for writing and my love for being able to transport people away, even if just for a few minutes.

I’m still learning a lot in life and want this to be a safe space to share some thoughts with you and hope you feel you can do the same.

Here, you’ll get a mixture of content, based around what’s happening in Edinburgh, travel stories, recommendations and my thoughts laid bare.

My aim is to encourage adventure, inspire discussion and remind you of all the beautiful things life has to offer.

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