It’s been fun, December

From mulled wine to mistletoe, tinsel to turtle doves, the most wonderful season of them all is coming to a close and getting ready to rest up for another year. It’s been a month to remember and boy, did it go off with a ‘pop!’

I don’t know about you, but December is my ultimate favourite time of the year. It’s pretty magical, isn’t it? What other month of the year can you get away with wearing pyjamas all day everyday while shovelling mince pies and turkey sandwiches in your face, only to wash it down with a nip of baileys on ice or eggnog. The rosy-cheeked shoppers are overflowing the streets searching for a perfect present for a loved one, while carol singers and brass players belt out renditions of ‘Jingle bells’ and ‘Fairy-tale of New York’ that instantly make you smile. Winter wonderland is in full swing with beautiful glimmering lights, the ice skating rink in its full glory and the air around you swirling with festive spice and all things nice (mulled cider and frankfurters to name a few!)

It’s a time to be with your nearest and dearest, to forgive and forget, to spread joy and love…to drink, eat and be very, very merry. It’s a time to fill up that social calendar to the brim with nights out and work parties galore. Your bank account and liver may be the only ones that don’t enjoy it quite as much but well, it would be rude to say no to that boozy lunch, wouldn’t it?
Some people tend to say that it’s just TOO busy, that the buzz is just too much and they hate shopping when it’s that chaotic. Oh, ho ho ho, not me. I LOVE it. I’ve now mastered the elbow nudge and stern facial expression that discreetly screams, ‘Hey lady, I’ll fight you for this last stuffed turkey… back up there sister…and hands off those parsnips!’ I mean, we all know what happened when the turkey got in a fight don’t we? The stuffing got knocked out of him. (That’s right folks; I collect all my cracker jokes!)

Yes, yes… I am one of those people. You know the ones, don’t you? I whole heartedly believe it’s fully acceptable to play ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ in November, I reckon that buying presents in September is just really a sign of great organisational skills and believe that all decorations, advent calendars, stockings should be up on the first of the month, obviously.

As 2014 and the festive draws to an end (I say this with a heavy heart!) I spend an evening looking back through my memories of this month, trying hard to remember every detail and why it was so special this year. I almost feel sad that’s it’s all over… why do we only get 31 days to indulge in this magical time? I mean, why isn’t it Christmas ALL THE TIME? I almost stepped out in front of a tram while in a festive daydream last week while New Year dress hunting, completely captivated by my beautiful surroundings. Edinburgh castle looked so pretty against a clear starlit night, the shop decorations were bright and bold, the markets a cluster of gorgeous fairy lights that from a distance appeared to be its own little village, filled with an effervescent community.

This year, my calendar went a little something like this: The Christmas singer-song writers (my ultimate favourite festive event – live music from amazing bands, mulled wine and a magical atmosphere!) one too many Prosecco fuelled girls lunch, the annual ‘let’s try not to get beyond drunk and make a total ass of ourselves’ work day bender, lots of festive baking, Xmas jumper making and dance floor ‘All I want for Christmas’ gyrating (that’s totally mandatory, is it not?)

I’m also convinced I set the world record for the following:

· The amount of celebrations chocolates consumed in one week
· The longest length of time anyone has stayed in an adult onsie
· The most intoxicated person still standing after a mammoth wine indulgence

Well, to name a few anyway…

For those that get the pleasure of spending time in Edinburgh over Christmas will agree that it’s magical. There are a select few cities in this world that I love, but Edinburgh at this time of year has to be my favourite. Every time I see the crowded markets or sit in Starbucks at the royal mile watching people go past wrapped up along the captivating cobbled streets, my heart melts. The cold crisp air, bright blue skies and the fact that it’s a time where you can shop until you actually drop in the Boxing Day sales and it’s completely acceptable is just perfect to me. The last few weeks have been a busy few and I’ve wanted to stay in the moment for as long as I could… so have been taking pictures a plenty. After all, Edinburgh at this time of year is just so aesthetically pleasing, it would be a crime not to try capture as much as possible, right?

For those that know me, will know how much love I have for Instagram: it’s been a little obsession of mine for a long time now. I love capturing a moment and being able to set a mood, tone and making it look pretty darn cool in the process. Over filtering is my speciality, Amaro or Mayfair? No, I look super pasty; pump up that saturation level my friend! It’s a great way to make a picture story book of moments that you want to remember and share with all your friends (not forgetting the rest of the social media world too.)

So, this is my take on December to show you what’s making me feel all warm and cosy inside. Feast your glistening eyes upon my snaps that in no way convey that I am an obsessive Crimbo fanatic, no, not at all. As 2014 hangs up its dancing shoes and a New Year is suddenly upon us, I hope you all had an amazing time spent with those you love and bring in the New Year with a BANG! (Oh, remember – shots of tequila can seem like a good idea, it’s all fun and games until you can’t eat your steak pie on the 1st… just saying!)

Ashley x


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