It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride of late for everyone. Highs and lows, peaks and troughs, good days and the not so good.

I’ve tried to put into words how I’ve been feeling lately and ended up writing this poem.

So whether you are having a good day, a bit of a low day (here’s a huge virtual hug if so!) or don’t know what day it is… sending all the positive vibes your way. 💫

Keep going!


Sometimes my heart can feel so full, so strong and so ready…

Sometimes it feels ready to burst with love and with hope, ‘keep going!’ it tells me.

My heart beats loud and steady like a drum keeping me up through the night…

A marching band encouraging me to be brave and to switch off the darned bedside light.

My head thinks, it thinks all the time.

It keeps me up with big ideas, with vague memories and because they are all mine…

I try my best to make some sense of what I can hear, a gentle whisper, pressed against my ear.

Because sometimes it’s kind, and sometimes it’s not…

Sometimes it’s strange and well, sometimes, it’s a lot!

There are days where I could take on the world, days where I feel like a total hero,

There are days I feel lost and the voices in my head have reduced me to a big fat zero.

But good days and bad days, they are easy to tell apart,

You recognise one from the other, two very different forms of art.

Friends tell you ‘you’ve got this’ ‘you’ll get through it, it’s just a small phase…’

And they are right, they do understand, because they too have been caught in that maze.

You see, good days are not just good, they really are great! You feel invincible, confident, like you fit in your own skin..

They make you feel strong, secure, happy with your reflection… good days for the win!

So remember, when you have those moments, while you are beating yourself up,

Know that there are days just around the corner that won’t feel quite so tough.

Spend your days as you see fit,

Daydream, sleep, bake or learn to just sit.

Comparison is the thief of all joy, especially when you are at the wheel,

The scrolls, the likes, the perfect picture highlights… social media’s not really real.

Take time to de-scramble your thoughts, don’t be afraid of what pops into your head,

The most beautiful dreams, the positive thoughts… or the self doubt that feels heavier than a tonne of lead.

Because sometimes life is hard and sometimes life gets messy,

But remember there are moments when your heart and head are filled with glitter confetti.

And that sometimes life runs a funny course of highs and lows, of this you know…

But challenges are there to help us thrive, to succeed and to ultimatley grow.

So next time your heart is full and your head is strong, try to remember how you feel…

As on the rough days, sometimes it takes a little self-kindness, support and a gentle reminder to help you heal.

You are enough, you are valid and you are doing your absoloute best.

Not every day smells like roses, but hell – squeeze the life out of that lemon and make it into your own kind of zest!


Ash x


12 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Keep it up, Ash. If you find a cure for weird tunes popping into your head in the middle of the night, please share! Rudolph the red nose reindeer kept me awake for 3 hours!!😔

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  2. Lovely words Ashley….you are beautiful inside and out and if there were more like you the world would be a much better place… I am sure you will be inspiring and comforting many people in these strange time. Love and Hugs … Margaret xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you Margaret! 🥰 This means the world and I’m lucky to have the best inspirations around me. ❤️ Can’t wait to give you a huge squeeze! All the love and hugs xxxx


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